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General Information

Among my prestigious clients is Gold n'Links. a company I've had the honor of collaborating with since 2008. In the early stages of our partnership, I spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding initiative, meticulously crafting a revitalized logo and brand identity that encapsulated the essence of their business. This strategic overhaul laid the foundation for our extensive and multifaceted branding journey together.
Over the years, our partnership has flourished, leading to a vast array of marketing endeavors. By consistently delivering innovative and impactful solutions, I have played an instrumental role in elevating Gold n'Links' brand presence and positioning them as a prominent industry leader. This long-standing collaboration exemplifies my expertise in brand revitalization, my ability to forge enduring partnerships built on trust, and my commitment to providing tailored, results-driven strategies that drive sustainable growth.

Gold n 'links business card design


A few months ago, Roi Shaposhnik, the CEO of Gold n'Links, reached out to me with an exciting opportunity. He requested that I design a logo for a new subsidiary company he was establishing in Albania called ALITHUB. This venture was envisioned to serve as the hub for Israeli business activities in Albania, particularly in the field of technology and high-tech. With a keen understanding of the project's vision, I embarked on a creative journey to craft a logo that would encapsulate the essence of ALITHUB. The final design seamlessly blends elements of cutting-edge technology with the vibrant colors that symbolize the spirit of Albania. This strategic branding exercise not only visually represents the company's mission but also positions it as a dynamic force in the Albanian market, poised for growth and innovation.

ALITHUB - logo design

Website design

Immediately after delivering the logo design, I was tasked with collaborating closely with the web development team behind ALITHUB's website. Rather than directly designing the website, I took the role of an external consultant, meticulously curating a comprehensive list of design directives for the development team. This strategic approach ensured that the website's visual aesthetic seamlessly aligned with my creative vision, meeting the highest standards of brand representation.

This approach allowed for the establishment of a cohesive brand identity, stemming from the website's design language. Consequently, all subsequent marketing materials we produced seamlessly integrated with the brand's visual guidelines, reflecting a unified and consistent brand experience. This process underscores my firm belief in creating a comprehensive design system immediately after the logo's conception, ensuring consistent and controlled brand representation across all touchpoints.

Alithub website design. Shown of a laptop standing in a street. Website designed by our studio.

The Conference

Approximately two weeks after completing the website design, Roi contacted me with an urgent and prestigious assignment. He informed me about an upcoming major conference in Albania, jointly organized and supported by the Israeli Embassy in Albania, the Albanian Embassy in Israel, the Municipality of Tirana, and other entities fostering business collaborations between the two nations. This conference aimed to connect Israeli businesses with Albania's thriving IT industry and local enterprises. This initiative required an extensive branding endeavor, seamlessly integrating ALITHUB's established design language across a multitude of conference materials.

I received a comprehensive list of requirements, including precise specifications for each item and detailed content guidelines. After carefully assessing the project scope and gathering the necessary resources, I embarked on a meticulous design journey. While certain elements were ultimately excluded from production, such as hotel room door hangers and branded bottles, several last-minute additions were seamlessly incorporated. Regardless of the adjustments, every piece of conference collateral aligned flawlessly with the overarching visual identity, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand experience throughout the event.

Conference Branding: Our Impactful Solutions

For this landmark conference, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive suite of branded collateral, each piece a masterclass in design and brand integration. From eye-catching name badges

to captivating roll-up banners that seamlessly blended welcoming messages with conference floor maps, our attention to detail was unparalleled.

The event's grand entrance was adorned with strategically placed welcome screens, setting the tone for an unforgettable brand experience.

Hotel windows and the host university's premises were transformed into vibrant canvases, showcasing branded window decals that added a touch of exclusivity to the occasion.

Ensuring a seamless attendee journey, we designed a visually stunning conference schedule that was both digitally disseminated and elegantly printed, serving as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Branded airplane amenities, including branded headrest covers, pins for crew members, and production team accessories, elevated the travel experience to new heights.

The reception area was a true masterpiece, featuring an intricately designed table map that welcomed the attendees.

Iconic press walls provided the perfect backdrop for capturing memorable moments,

while dynamic stage backdrops and speaker podiums commanded attention and showed professionalism.

Our expertise extended to crafting a visually compelling presentation template, ensuring a cohesive brand narrative throughout the event.

Thoughtfully designed greeting cards featuring messages from ALIT and Gold n'Links' CEOs added a personal touch, further strengthening the brand connection.

Moreover, we curated a range of branded merchandise, including stickers for Albania's national drink (Raki), backpacks, pens, and notepads, all adorned with the conference's distinctive logo. These tangible brand touchpoints served as lasting mementos for attendees, solidifying the event's impact and our commitment to delivering exceptional brand experiences.

Mobile App for the Summit

Transcending the physical realm, our branding prowess extended to the digital sphere through a cutting-edge event app. This comprehensive platform showcased speaker profiles, schedules, Q&A functionality, sponsor listings, and a robust networking system with appointment scheduling and real-time chat capabilities. It also served as a gateway to ALIT's online presence, providing direct access to its corporate website, LinkedIn page, hotel information, event maps, an Israeli time display, and a media hub with real-time coverage and captivating event photography.

While leveraging a pre-existing app template, our team adeptly customized the experience through meticulously designed home screen icons, supporting pages, and visually compelling graphic assets that seamlessly integrated with the app's framework. The result was a resounding success – an immersive and cohesive digital brand journey that elevated the event experience and solidified our client's position as an industry leader through our harmonious blend of physical and digital branding strategies.

TRN-TLV Tech Week Conference in Albania on March 2023 Screen of the mobile application we have designed for the conference.

The Summit of Excellence

This project was a great and captivating journey for me, and I have enjoyed collaborating with an exceptionally professional team, who had a clear vision and unwavering determination to achieve their goals. They provided me with well-organized and precise requirements, a crucial aspect that cannot be overstated in its importance.

The highlight of this experience was witnessing my creative work come to life at the conference itself. As a branding specialist and designer, there is no greater thrill than seeing your efforts manifested in a tangible, immersive environment.

I sincerely thank the remarkable teams at Gold n'Links and ALIT, the talented producer Lilach Ben David, and her crew for their unwavering commitment and outstanding achievements. I am confident that this conference marks the beginning of a flourishing partnership between Israel and Albania, paving the way for numerous successful business ventures facilitated by these esteemed companies.

TRN-TLV Tech Week Conference in Albania on March 2023. Screen with a welcome announcement, and a

Photographer: Gilad Kavalerchik